Proper Paperwork eCard

Proper Paperwork eCard

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Your gift could give official ID cards to 10 families in India’s slum communities, opening the door to a better, brighter future.

Across India thousands of people live in ramshackle slum communities alongside the railways. These makeshift villages are not officially recognised, and neither are many of the residents. 75% of the people within them cannot read or write, leaving them unable to apply for ID cards. But thanks to you we can help them with the necessary paperwork to make sure they can get the official documentation that can transform their children’s lives.

With official ID cards children can be vaccinated against disease, offered emergency or routine healthcare, enrolled for school and given the chance to learn. Families can access funding that could make the difference between them going hungry or being able to provide for their children.

Providing this small, simple card gives children a chance to break out of the cycle of poverty they often become trapped in, and secure a better, brighter future.

What you'll receive
- An e-card version of this gift that you can personalise and digitally send to your loved one.

All of our gifts are vitally important to the children we work with. As the need changes from project to project, country to country, your gift will be spent  wherever the need is greatest. Find out more here.