Railway Children

Safe and settled...and a happy future

Your gift could pay for a child’s family to be traced in India, an assessment visit to be made, and transport for a child to be accompanied home.  

Children surviving on railway platforms live in poverty and squalor, facing the risk of abuse and exploitation every day. Lack of hygiene and access to food and drink can lead to illness, disease and malnutrition. We do everything we can to reach children early, before an abuser can get to them. 

When we reach out to a child on the streets and gain their trust, then we can begin the process of trying to get them home and safe with their family, which takes time and money. 


What you'll receive

  • We'll send you a card that you can personalise and give to your loved one.
  • We'll also send Avani’s story, to show the real difference the gift can make to a child's life.


Postage is free on this product (UK only).

All of our gifts are vitally important to the children we work with. As the need changes from project to project, country to country, your gift will fund wherever the need is greatest. Find out more here.

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